What’s the difference between Nomod and Nomod for Stripe?

Nomod for Stripe:

Sometimes we crave the familiar - a favourite pair of jeans, the evening phone call with a loved one, a morning caramel macchiato from the coffee shop on the corner. For those of our users who love using Nomod just the way they do, we’ve rebranded to Nomod for Stripe. Nomod for Stripe has all the features our existing users know and love, and allows you to continue using an existing Stripe account to accept in person payments with us.


You no longer need a separate Stripe account - you can sign up directly with us in the new Nomod app and start accepting payments in a few minutes. Nomod offers all the same features as Nomod for Stripe, and more! Think of Nomod as the adventurous younger sibling, exploring new frontiers, adding new payment methods and introducing new features. We’re excited about what’s to come and we’d love to share it with you. Why not sign up and let us know what you think!

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