What’s the difference between Nomod and Nomod for Stripe?

We originally built Nomod for Stripe to allow anyone who has a Stripe account to use it in the real world to accept in-person payments. Nomod came a bit later, and was built for anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently process in-person and online card payments directly with Nomod, with no extra accounts with Stripe or anyone else required

As of September 2021, Nomod's feature set has surpassed that of Nomod for Stripe, and includes support for Tips, Discounts, Taxes, Multi-Currency, and Teams! In August 2021, we released Connect which allowing you to to process payments on Nomod with your existing Stripe account (coming full circle!). As a result, Nomod for Stripe will be shutdown on the 30th of September 2021, so that we can focus all of our energies and resources on continuing to build a single great product!

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who uses Nomod for Stripe to process their card payments, and hope that you will continue to support us by pulling down Nomod and connecting your Stripe account. We’re super excited about everything that's coming next! Drop us a line and help us shape our future roadmap!

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