What is a chargeback or dispute and what is the process?

On occasion, a transaction may be disputed by a customer; reversed by a card network, payment processing partner or banking partner; unauthorised or believed to be unauthorised; or suspicious, fraudulent, allegedly unlawful, or in violation of our Terms of Service.

These things can happen, but we will help get to the bottom of it! If a chargeback or dispute is raised, we’ll block the corresponding amount from your account, let you know right away and ask for more information to investigate the transaction. We kindly ask that you respond promptly - the email will include the date we need you to respond by, which is usually within 5 days - to allow us to try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If the issue is settled in your favour, the funds may be held for a further 60 days as the customer is allowed to appeal the decision. If the customer doesn’t appeal, or the appeal is unsuccessful, the funds will be credited back to your account, and will be available for payment to you on the next payout day.

If you choose not to contest the chargeback or dispute, or it’s not settled in your favour, the amount plus chargeback fees will be debited from your account.

Our fees for chargebacks and disputes is based on where your business is based, and is currently:

Business location Dispute fee
UAE AED 75.00
UK GBP 20.00
Eurozone EUR 20.00
Other USD 20.00

We have to keep a close eye on excessive chargebacks and disputes, as these could be a sign of potential fraud, and we may need to amend or restrict some of the functionality of your Nomod account in certain circumstances. You can rely on us to be transparent and always let you know of changes to your account as quickly as possible.

There are several ways you can minimise the risk of chargebacks:

  1. Please make sure that the business name you entered during sign up is known to your customers because this is the name that will appear on the bank statement of your clients. If you would like to change the business name on your Nomod profile, please contact us at [email protected].
  2. If the customer wants to make a payment with a company/corporation credit card you could request to also send a copy of the receipt to the company's accounting department.
  3. Avoid duplicate payments. When charging a customer, you will receive live confirmation as to whether or not the payment was successful. You can also check your transaction history in the Nomod app if you’re not sure.
  4. Please respond promptly to requests for information from us.
  5. You may wish to inform your customer that Nomod will appear on their card or bank statement together with your business name, to minimise the likelihood that the customer doesn’t recognise the charge.
  6. We recommend using the “Send receipt” function. By doing so, you’re able to provide a reminder of the transaction to your customer in the event they don’t recognise a charge on their card or bank statement.

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