I’m a hotel - how do I block an amount on a customer’s card but not charge them until later?

We call this “Authorize Only”. Start creating a charge as normal, and once you reach the Card Details screen, you’ll select the option to “Authorize Only” which will block the amount on the card but will not capture the payment until later.

In order to capture the payment and finalise the charge, or cancel the authorisation:

  1. Bring up the transaction list - Tap the Activity logo in the toolbar at the bottom of your device’s screen to bring up the transaction list screen.
  2. Find the relevant transaction - Scroll through the list or use the “Search” feature to locate the relevant transaction, then tap it to bring up the transaction details.
  3. Capture payment or cancel authorisation - Tap the “menu” icon in the bottom right hand corner (the 3 vertical dots) and select the relevant option, then follow the instructions!

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